Thursday, March 09, 2017

Dell 9560 first impressions

Just bought a Dell 9560. This is the 15 inch machine with latest 7th generation quad-core i7 processor. I'd used it in the store before purchase and liked it. It's got a beautiful screen and is a full $800 less than the directly equivalent Apple. That Macbook Pro has four USB-C ports. This Dell has two standard USB, an SD slot, one USB-C and HDMI.

  • it's heavier and thicker than I realized, much more so than the 13 inch
  • the screen doesn't push back as far as I'd like (see Thinkpad)
  • the keys are surprisingly small, unnecessarily so (again, Thinkpad much better)
  • frequent fan noise, though low volume
  • aesthetics ... it's a Dell--though they have gotten better, can't beat Apple or Thinkpad in my opinion
  • keyboard feel is good, much better in my opinion than the Macbook's new "butterfly" keys
  • ports
  • price (so much less than Apple or Lenovo)
  • screen (although it is shiny)
  • soft touch (I like this more than the Apple aluminum)
  • footprint with the "Infinity Edge" screen
  • easily user serviceable (RAM, HD)
My machine came from Amazon and included the fingerprint reader even though that wasn't noted and I wasn't expecting it.

Update: If you're experiencing input stuttering using Chrome in particular, update your display driver with these instructions: LINK