Thursday, March 09, 2017

Dell 9560 first impressions

Just bought a Dell 9560. This is the 15 inch machine with latest 7th generation quad-core i7 processor. I'd used it in the store before purchase and liked it. It's got a beautiful screen and is a full $800 less than the directly equivalent Apple. That Macbook Pro has four USB-C ports. This Dell has two standard USB, an SD slot, one USB-C and HDMI.

  • it's heavier and thicker than I realized, much more so than the 13 inch
  • the screen doesn't push back as far as I'd like (see Thinkpad)
  • the keys are surprisingly small, unnecessarily so (again, Thinkpad much better)
  • frequent fan noise, though low volume
  • aesthetics ... it's a Dell--though they have gotten better, can't beat Apple or Thinkpad in my opinion
  • keyboard feel is good, much better in my opinion than the Macbook's new "butterfly" keys
  • ports
  • price (so much less than Apple or Lenovo)
  • screen (although it is shiny)
  • soft touch (I like this more than the Apple aluminum)
  • footprint with the "Infinity Edge" screen
  • easily user serviceable (RAM, HD)
My machine came from Amazon and included the fingerprint reader even though that wasn't noted and I wasn't expecting it.

Update: If you're experiencing input stuttering using Chrome in particular, update your display driver with these instructions: LINK

Thursday, February 09, 2017

she was warned

This is the mantra of every entrepreneur, of every innovator, of anyone leading anything that changes or challenges the status quo...this is what defines America.