Thursday, June 26, 2014

Value Propositions

Our VentureWell value proposition video. I scripted this in late 2013 and we produced the final in early 2014. I just reviewed it again and realized, hey, it's pretty darn good!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

changing roles

I'm changing my roles at my two positions this summer. I have been working primarily as Director of Venture Development at VentureWell (née NCIIA) and on the side as consulting CFO of Long River Ventures.

With the launch of Long River Ventures III, I'm going to be switching to Long River as my primary role and taking on a Senior Advisor role at VentureWell. I'll be supporting the venture development team at VentureWell and working to ensure a transition as a new program officer for the E-Team program is identified and brought on board. I'll be focused on our collaborative relationship with Village Capital, and the accelerator program Village Capital VentureWell that we have developed.

I'm excited to continue to straddle these two complementary but different areas of my career. With Long River Ventures, I'm looking forward to leaning in and being able to better support the three partners in implementing their third venture capital fund. Entrepreneurs don't realize that in a sense each new venture capital fund is itself somewhat of an entrepreneurial startup, al beit with an experienced team and in the case of Long River, investors who have invested in previous funds. Long River as an organization has been around now for well over a decade, with a consistent inventor base and the same partners delivering great returns. They know how to run this business and deliver results. I'm honored to be on their team and engaged in the third fund.

I'm also pleased that leadership at VentureWell wants me to continue my engagement with the organization. I've been involved on and off with the organization almost since inception two decades ago and am a strong advocate of its mission. The organization is now almost 35 people and well beyond its startup phase. I'm looking forward to advising the team on how to best implement its venture development efforts and believe that my more active role with Long River will in fact serve to strengthen the quality of the support that I'm able to provide VentureWell.