Sunday, November 22, 2009

war = stimulus = healthcare reform // They're all about US$1 trillion

The war, the stimulus, and healthcare reform all are each about US$1 trillion, give or take. Debatably the war is the largest trillion, because it has the least long-term economic benefit and was based on false intelligence and therefore was of highly questionable utility. The stimulus may or may not, in the long lens of history, be judged cost effective, after the effects of not doing it are calculated. And healthcare reform--if anyone looks at it objectively--is unquestionably cost effective to the nation if the legislation that passes does indeed bring down our unconscionable national cost/benefit equation to be more in line with other developed nations. So who is a fiscal conservative? Someone who votes for the war, the stimulus, or for healthcare reform? And where, therefore, do you place an Obama, a Bush, a Palin, or a McCain on the grid below? Does healthcare reform count as $1 trillion? Does the stimulus? Even conservatives, at least when they're running their own businesses, invest via debt.
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