Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reflective tweed urban cycling suits!

Long ago, there was a company called Zoza that made a cycling suit with little features like hidden trouser cinches to prevent oil soils. They went bankrupt before I could snap one up. I've been waiting for someone to make fancy dress clothes for cycling.

A shop in Brooklyn (I think) is selling gorgeous trousers: Outlier. Rapha has some nice stuff but it's more performance oriented.

But I just found, via The Epicurean Cyclist and a Flickr photo from the "Tweed Run", this site called Dashing Tweeds.

What a great idea to weave reflective thread right into the pattern of a tweed!

(Too bad the bike doesn't do justice! That's like having a fashion model posing next to a bottom line Subaru Impreza.)

Oh! And these convertible trousers are brilliant too! (LINK to their blog.)
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