Monday, January 19, 2009

I just have to say . . . we're not safe . . .

I just have to say it, because I have to say it: the idea that somehow Bush43 has kept us "safe" these last seven years is just such ludicrous nonsense.

First, our state security apparatus and our military has undoubtedly been successful in thwarting any number of terrorist attacks. But what really has that success to do with the administration over the last seven years?

What the administration did NOT do is anything to anticipate the "economic Pearl Harbor" that has occurred, to quote Warren Buffet (LINK). Perhaps most of us were living with blinders on with respect to this Pearl Harbor, but if a comparative analysis were possible, I am sure that many Republicans and Democrats would have at least paid better attention as commander in chief and raised a higher level of concern earlier. The fact that we haven't suffered a military terrorist attack under Bush43 does nothing to prove that he prevented one. This economic Pearl Harbor however does definitively prove that he didn't keep us safe and that an "attack" much more effective and insidious has occurred than any terrorist could have devised. And we've done it to ourselves. During the watch of Bush43.

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