Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm mortified!

I'm mortified!

One of the "10 ten things on the Internet" (according to, Warren Ellis, who writes the absolutely brilliant FreakAngels weekly graphic novel, BLOCKED me on Twitter.

That's like . . . I don't know . . . Angelina Jolie arresting you for being a stalker or something!

Here's the tweets:

Official: I am one of the ten best things on the internet (?):


@warrenellis YOU'RE NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 5. Come off your high horse.


@jsteig ...okay. That was a weird response. Let me help you out with the block button there, strange shouty person
I laughed at being called "shouty person" and then I realized . . . he'd blocked me from his feeds on Twitter. Me, out of 12,000 something!

OK. It was a weird response. I'm sorry! I was joking like the inarticulate fool that I am, Warren, trying to say that really you should be in the top 5. I shouldn't have twittered that tweet. I really, truly think you're in the top 5! Nothing stops me from reading FreakAngels, nothing. I am terrified that somehow you could reach out into the Cloud and somehow block THAT from me. Please, please don't. A little help here anyone?!
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