Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama and the reality of the change message

I just watched Obama on Jon Stewart, an interview from a few days back.

At the end of the video Obama says something that can't be reassuring to a lot of swing voters.

First, he says that America is really a very conservative country, not politically, but in that Americans generally like the status quo and don't want to make dramatic changes. I could imagine swing voters nodding their heads at that statement. And then he goes on to say that this is just the time to make such changes, in the areas of energy, healthcare, the economy. That statement certainly contradicts the statements of people like Bill Kristol (LINK) and the WSJ (LINK and LINK) who suggest that Obama will be a typical, moderate liberal. Will he? Or will first hundred days echo all the fears of my conservative friends, particularly with respect to the economy?
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