Sunday, October 19, 2008

George Will: utterly out to lunch. Thinks Obama winning because liberals want to feel good for electing a black.

George Will, you are so lost, so last century. That is such a tired, tired line about feel-good liberals. And your comments about Powell supporting Obama based 2:1 on race? Powell has supported inexperienced candidates before like . . . George Bush. He would have been perfectly comfortable siding with McCain and Lieberman et al if he hadn't made a reasoned argument to himself that his old friend John McCain is first for himself in this campaign and second for America, as evidenced by his choice of VP and other actions by his campaign. Is it because of race that newspapers, even ones that have supported Bush in the past, are overwhelmingly going over to Obama? Or are judgments like these race-based when made by a black but not race-based when the same judgments are made by white guy editors? Wake up Mr. Will! And hey, isn't Obama 1/2 white?


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