Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate better for McCain by radio?

I had a a 90 minute drive on the night of the presidential debate that started right at 9:00 EST, so I heard almost all the debate on the radio rather than TV. Reading the comments the next morning, what strikes me is how radically different it seems the impressions of the debate were if you were watching on TV rather than just listening to the audio. My impression was that McCain handily sounded more confident, more competent, spoke more clearly, and came across as a stronger, better, leader who knows foreign policy cold. Obama came across as a graduate student, debating his professor. But it if you were watching the debate, the body language told you a whole different story about confidence and leadership. Obama was confident enough to look straight at McCain and also at the audience. McCain seemed uncomfortable and angry. And the polling seems to prove out that impressions of Obama were at worst that he tied and in many ways that he surpassed McCain. (LINK)

Update: or maybe not. Christopher Hitchens suggests it was worse on radio because you could hear McCain wheezing: LINK.

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