Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bill Cunningham and Bikes

More from "on-the-street" fashion photog Bill Cunningham but this one about bikes. A wonderful watch and listen slide show. LINK

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bike lust

This image from the VELORBIS Danish bike website is just too much! But check out their site (LINK). Bikes as fashion items and replacements for automotive lust. (And on a somewhat related subject, check out this link about bikes and . . . porn: LINK.)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why my blood is blue

From John Kerry's speech at the convention (LINK):
How insulting to suggest that those who question the mission, question the troops. How pathetic to suggest that those who question a failed policy, doubt America itself. How desperate to tell the son of a single mother who chose community service over money and privilege that he doesn’t put America first.
Years ago when we protested a war, people would weigh in against us saying, ‘My country right or wrong.’ Our answer? Absolutely, my country right or wrong. When right, keep it right. When wrong, make it right. Sometimes loving your country demands you must tell the truth to power.
For all his faults, Kerry is my kind of person.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Facebook, LinkedIn, Business vs. Personal

I've been working on a new program, Venture Well (LINK) and in this process have created a Facebook page for this activity. What I'm beginning to observe is how differently people make use of Facebook.

In Facebook, pages can now be created for businesses, organizations, activities, events etc. in contrast to standard personal Facebook pages for individuals. You can sign up to the Venture Well Facebook page (LINK) and by doing so get updates and information about the program. If you sign up (by becoming a fan) you don't need to "friend" me. What this allows is for people to restrict their personal Facebook pages to their personal network, but still use their Facebook identity to sign up to more work oriented pages, like Venture Well.

As I've attempted to "friend" people who have signed up for Venture Well it's clear that for some people, even if they know me in a business context, their Facebook personal page is still a place for their social friends alone. For others--and this is probably true of younger and more tech-oriented people--there is simply no distinction between personal and work. It's all part of a consistent and fluid brand. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow the user to moderate this distinction. It would be great if you could simply tag friends as "personal" and as "professional" or some similar distinctions and make a distinction also in the items you post to your personal Facebook page between your personal and professional networks, so that your profile could be nuanced depending upon the observer.

Some people use LinkedIn for their professional life and Facebook for their personal life. But although I've also created a LinkedIn group for Venture Well (LINK), the functionality of a LinkedIn group is so much less than a Facebook page (or group) that for the most part, we'll make use of Facebook until LinkedIn increases the level of its offering.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What's this? I snapped this shot of a T-Shirt on the back of a big guy leaning against his Chevy Suburban and talking on his mobile phone.

What's it say? "Honor, Respect, Loyalty, Integrity" . . . and SKIN! With an outline of a sexy woman in high heels.

What a weird and disturbing juxtaposition of words and images.

Does "Skin" refer, in part, to tatoos?
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Sustainability and choices

We went fishing on Sunday, with a small "party" boat of about 30 people. Bluefish were running and our party of six caught four. It was my son's birthday, and this is what he wanted to do. We had two adults, two thirteen year-olds and two ten year-olds. I didn't fish. Probably the only person on the boat who didn't. I baited everyone's hooks with smelly 18 cm herring--right through both eye sockets, down through the center of the fish and then throught the tail. Probably did it 25 times. I gutted and filleted the four fish. So it wasn't squeamishness that prevented me from fishing. It was that there are just so few fish in the sea. It's like catching the last bison, but we just can't see the devastation because the ocean is impervious to most of our eyes. At the end of the four hours of fishing the boat was covered in blood. Seventy fair sized bluefish will do that. They're aggressive fish, with sharp teeth, that have to be gaffed and don't die easily. They spill a lot of bright red blood. My moral compass didn't allow me to fish because we're so overfished. But I participated in all that killing neverthess, draiwng the line at actually throwing in the line. It doesn't feel to me like a weak line to draw, but it probably is. Should I have just refused to take my son fishing?
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Wet Coast

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Wet Coast

It's not supposed to rain here in the West in the summer . . . days like this are intended to scare away the tourists and the Easterners.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeding the flying rats

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Proofreaders are very expensive in China, I suppose

"Leading the Trends of Century"

Especially expensive because of the Olympics, perhaps?
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Non-salmon ok if farmed

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No farmed salmon

It is almost impossible to find farmed salmon in Vancouver, even though there are many salmon farms. There has been such an effective campaign against farm raised salmon, based on the effect of sea lice in farmed salmon on the wild salmon population, that none of the farmed salmon seems available for sale. Where does it go??
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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Old style above, circa 1950. New styles below, 2000's. All four of these houses are in a row, starting with the old style one above and continuing up a hill in the Vancouver area.

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Airborne going down?

Following on other, bigger blogger footsteps I've reported before my frustration with the belief in Airborne, the so-called cold remedy (LINK). Now it appears that those bigger footsteps (LINK) have led to Federal penalties and a class action lawsuit! Nice.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hippie surfer and kayaker kit

This 4WD Mitsubishi Delica is definitely the thing to have among the aspiring hippie surfer kayaker set (of which I'm sadly not a member) here on the West Coast of Canada. More info: LINK.

And take a look at this even smaller Mitsub, here done up as a faux VW Microbus--saw one the other day but didn't have my camera (LINK).
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Feature decisions

Toyota Corolla, base model. Better to have an AUX plug for an iPod than to have power windows.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Revolution #1

First in a series documenting stores or brands named "Revolution" (LINK).
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New vs. Old German Car Design

Here are two cars side by side, the new BMW X6 SUV and an old VW GTI. This photo doesn't do justice to the size difference between the two cars. The BMW is big, fat, bulbous and tall. Along with sister cars like the Nissan Murano, it's one of the uglient cars on the road to my eyes. But it sold out in the first year before it even hit the market and in this wealthy town, I saw three in the last 24 hours. The VW is essentially the same size as the original Rabbit from 1975, small, angular, efficient. How much longer before the car on the left is simply an embarrasment instead of a statement?
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Valet Bike Parking

First time I've seen this sort of thing! At the public celebration of the Olympics, on the edge of Chinatown, downtown Vancouver, Canada. Not too busy, but to be fair, the event was an hour away from starting.
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