Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I just don't get it

I just don't get it . . .

How can the Pope say:
WASHINGTON — Pope Benedict XVI visited the White House on Wednesday — his 81st birthday — and praised America as a nation where strong religious belief can coexist with secular society. But he later warned that this secular tradition often prevents Americans from living their beliefs fully, accepting divorce, abortion and cohabitation outside of marriage." LINK
OK . . . but he also recognizes and is ashamed of the terrors wrought by pedophiles within his church.

So, WHAT correlation is there between faith and moral values??!!

I just don't get how someone can't understand that absence or presence of religion in someone's life does not necessarily say anything about one's moral compass. I'm an atheist. And yet anyone who knows me knows what high moral standards I have, what high moral standards my wife and I have inculcated in our kids, what high moral standards my parents had (who are also atheists), what high moral standards my GRANDPARENTS had who were ALSO atheists, or close to it. Our "faith" if you want to call it that is in the laws and values of secular society. That's what I believe gives us as a country our strength. What an utterly different universe it is in which some people live . . .
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