Thursday, March 06, 2008

iPhone for enterprise with MS Exchange support

Apple has just put a big nail into Blackberry (RIM). Maybe not into their coffin, but they'd better get busy. The iPhone and the Blackberry have essentially carved up the North American smartphone market, but Blackberry still commands the attention of the enterprise smartphone market. Not much longer. With the announcements underway by Apple as I write this, Apple has just added MS Exchange support, which means a major uptick in use of iPhones within the Enterprise--wireless calendar, contact syncing and push e-mail sounds like it will be happening momentarily across the country with iPhones instead of Blackberrys. More amazing stuff about the application development environment, games demos, Salesforce and other business aps demos here: LINK

Research in Motion has got to be getting the chills and popping the pain killers. I look down at my lovely Blackberry sitting beside me and wonder how much longer he is for the world. Should have thought to short RIM today.
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