Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Does anyone else hate grease cars, even more than too much perfume?

You know that perfume has been banned in many workplaces and even in some outdoor venues? So many scents co-mingled can set the sensitive among us gasping. But what about grease cars? You know, those old diesel Mercedes that have been retrofitted to run on fryer grease swiped from the local fast food joint? A friend of mine runs one of the premier companies supplying the car conversion kits (LINK) but I wish they were all banned from the roads. Why? Being behind one of those things is like being forced to stick your head up the grease hood of a fast food chain well below the quality level of McDonalds. People say that they smell like french fries. No. They smell like what they are, which is old burning grease. I have to perform dangerous maneuvers on the road to avoid being stuck behind these things. And where we live, there are more and more of these retrofitted cars every day. The smell is just nauseating. Give me lots of women with cheap perfume any day.
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