Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sometimes Apple doesn't even have to try in the face of complete ineptitude

I've said this before. Sometimes Apple does even have to try in the face of complete ineptitude on the part of its competitors. For example, it's still damn hard, and sometimes impossible, on the Dell and HP websites to get decent pictures of their products! How can they make it so hard? Haven't they ever even looked at Apple's website? Simple, beautiful photos of what you're about to spend $2000-$3000 or more on. But Dell and HP generally give you tiny little thumbnails and at best force you to look at some animated flash thing, your effort being rewarded by slightly larger thumbnails. Wacko.

Now Microsoft is launching Office 2008 for Mac. But on Microsoft's Mactopia website, their portal into their Macintosh products, you can't find out information about the product!! There's a link to a PDF document. But the site doesn't tell you it's a link to a PDF--a big no-no--and it went on to crash my PC Firefox browser. It seems other info won't be released until January 15 when the product ships. But on Apple's website, you can find out all you want about this much awaited Microsoft product. Is that wacko or what??

It's this comparison chart I was looking for: LINK. Found to date only on the Apple website, it compares the various editions of Office 2008. For those who don't need Microsoft Exchange support, looks like the new Student and Home version of Office is a deal compared to what the product used to cost.
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