Tuesday, January 01, 2008

iGo Stowaway keyboard and blackberry

There used to be a company called Stowaway (I think that was the name) that made nice, handsome sturdy, folding, portable keyboards, principally for Palm devices. I own two from earlier generations of Palms and they worked great. But that was years ago. Recently my business partner wondered if there was a keyboard for his Blackberry so he could leave his laptop behind while traveling but still be able to compose missives longer than Blackberry thumbtyping comfortably allows. I looked at Amazon and bought a keyboard for him for $30 . . . oops, they're now up to $80. Same keyboard from the company that now owns Stowaway, iGo, sells on the company site for . . . $150! Anyway, bought it and tried to get it to work with his BB Curve. No wireless download for the driver! Had to download the file from the company to my computer and tried to get it into his Curve via BB Desktop manager. No go for iGo. Wouldn't transfer to the device. Couldn't get it to add into BB Desktop. But in reading the owner reviews on Amazon, I found that someone had posted a link, via their own website, to a wireless downloadable link! So, I pointed his Curve browser to the link http://marcofrom.com/bb/Stowaway.jad and miracle of miracles, Marco saved the day. Thanks Marco, and no thanks to you iGo! Your product is cheap compared to the old Stowaways, your product literature sucks, and the damn sticker you stick over the keyboard telling you how to open up the keyboard has super sticky glue that takes forever to remove! But if you really need to get an external keyboard going with your Blackberry, I think this iGo product is the only option. And Marco is a lifesaver.
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