Monday, December 10, 2007

Blackberry vs iPhone

People keep asking me why I don't have an iPhone and remain committed to my Blackberry. Two reasons: keyboard and wireless sync of calendar and contacts. Additionally, the Blackberry Enterprise software sure does make upgrading to a new device easy--every little preference is transferred from the old phone to the new one.

As noted in PCMag, "while surveys show more than 90 percent of iPhone users are happy with the device, several executives have gone on the record, including at the Reuters Media Summit in New York last week, as saying it is too vexing to tap out long e-mails on the touch screen." LINK

But the article also talks about companies writing business software for the iPhone. A leading example is SAP, which is releasing an iPhone version of their software ahead of the version for Blackberry: "The first generation of the iPhone software will load business contacts, information on sales prospects and account data onto the device . . . SAP decided to introduce the iPhone software ahead of programs for other devices at the request of its sales people, saying they prefer using iPhones to the other devices." LINK
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