Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Android Dreams

Here's the video posted up by Google about the new Android SDK. What on earth does that mean (if you're not from the world of 2muchtech)? Android is the new open source mobile phone platform from Google and the SDK is the Software Developer's Kit. There is of course no Gphone per se, but there will be amazing new phone applications developed over time for a rapidly proliferating base of hardware. It will be fascinating to see whether Android will produce a similar situation relative to the iPhone as Windows relative to Macintosh: while Windows was never open source, its ubiquity across multiple hardware platforms allowed it to multiply compared to Macintosh by a factor of 20x. Will Android make the iPhone merely the inspiration for a 20x proliferation of Android-based phones in innumerable shapes and sizes, with the sort of overwhelming variety of software that Windows still enjoys?

But what I don't understand is why, with all their billions, they have to make such an important video seem like a cheap infomercial? Do they somehow think it will be more authentic if they use distracting backgrounds from the bowels of Google's offices? And does Sergey Brin have to wear a grey t-shirt that looks like it was just pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper and seems like he's been chewing it around the area of the neck? I hope that Android applications don't come with the same aesthetic. Just because Apple polishes everything they do to the finest point of perfection, you don't have to foreswear taking a shower in order to stand in contrast to them!
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