Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is a wanna-be socialist

Why people don't realize that there's more in common, in some respects, between Republicans and socialists is beyond me. They're both for centralized power. The notion that the Republicans are for the little guy should have been completely eliminated in the last six 1/2 years as more and more power has been concentrated in the hands of Washington and in the office of the President. So I found this comment in Slate ironic, in an article on nuclear power:
There's also still the huge problem of where to put the waste. But as Rudy Giuliani suggested recently, if a bunch of European socialists can figure out what to do with the radioactive leftovers, why can't we? "France is ahead of us in nuclear power," he said recently, with the same sort of disgust he might use in reporting that the Red Sox were ahead of his beloved Yankees. "Eighty percent of the electricity in France comes from nuclear power." LINK
Point is, a reason that France has so many nukes is because of centralist authority. Nukes are the opitime of a centralized approach to solving the energy crisis, vs. a decentralized and locally democratic approach. If Rudy wins, we can expect still greater authority centralized in the hands of Washington, overriding the wishes of local constituents who may have no wish for a nuke in their backyard or down the street.
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