Saturday, October 06, 2007

OLPC Laptop IS actually very cool

The OLPC or One Laptop Per Child laptop has been getting a lot of bad press lately. The goal was to make a $100 laptop that could be bought by developing countries in the tens or hundreds of thousands. But, as Fake Steve so snidely puts it, poor people don't want a cheap laptop made for them. They want the same stuff that Western countries want: cool, stylish Macs (or less cool but still powerful Windows machines). In this video, David Pogue of the NYTimes reviews the OLPC laptop and declares that to the contrary, the thing is really cool. I want one and have for a while. It would be a great field laptop for scientists, backpackers, people traveling to remote areas. And for wanna be novelists biking their hipster fixies to cafes. And starting November 12, for a 2 week window, you too, if you're living in America, can buy one and get one free, the free one being donated by the organization to a kid in a developing country.

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