Friday, October 05, 2007

Low-end Blackberry Enterprise server?

As anyone knows who has installed an Exchange server to enable workplace calendar and contact sharing, it works when it works but getting it to work requires sophisticated IT support. Fortunately, alternatives to Microsoft Exchange for shared calendaring, contacts and other workgroup functions are emerging, such as the Google Apps suite. But for mobile users, alternatives are still non-existent beyond Windows Mobile via Exchange or a Blackberry Enterprise Server.

But a really interesting, low-cost alternative is emerging. RIM is launching what appears to be a basic Enterprise Server solution . . . al beit only in Spain so far. From their press release:
Madrid, Spain and Waterloo, ON - Telef√≥nica and Research In Motion (RIM) today announced plans to introduce BlackBerry® Unite!™ -- a free PC-based software offering that will allow small groups, such as a family or small office, to stay connected and enhance communications and coordination. In addition to wireless email and web browsing, BlackBerry® Unite!™ software will provide groups of up to five users with mobile access to shared calendars, pictures, music, documents and other desktop content through BlackBerry® smartphones*. LINK (via Engadget)
Hopefully it will migrate back to North America
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