Friday, October 26, 2007

Kinda relevant to my last post about Facebook

So what happens when the dominant culture starts to usurp the tools of the original culture and make it it's own? Example: Blackberry for Facebook (though I know this is really an attempt by RIM to get younger people to use BB's for personal use rather than an attempt to get corporations to adopt Facebook). That's what's happening to Facebook, but what doesn't seem to be happening to MySpace. What does that mean for Facebook vs. MySpace? Here's a quote from a danah boyd academic paper just published about her experience getting into the teen world of MySpace.

"Going native in a networked world is extremely difficult. What makes the experiences of say teens so vibrant is cluster effects. They're using the technologies with their friends. It's not about them and the machine. It's about them and their friends interacting through the machine. One of the things that I figured out really quickly is that having a profile did me absolutely no good. I needed to have friends who would interact with me so that I would get what it was like to experience the technology as a mediating force. Thus, I have dragged my friends kicking and screaming into using these tools just so that I could get it. Using these tools in my own social framework is not the same as experiencing what teens experience, but I needed to feel the social awkwardness, the consequences of power relations, the gulp factor when a comment was taken out of context, and the uh-ohs involved in expressing information in a persistent and searchable manner in the face of broad audiences. And this required my friends to be involved." LINK
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