Friday, October 26, 2007

Facebook for Blackberry

Launched on Wednesday for Blackberry: a Facebook application. It's very very nice. Dramatically increasing the utility of Facebook because you don't have to fully enter their "walled garden" but you can access it from outside. Makes the Facebook e-mail actually usable to me because I can access it from my Blackberry. Very nicely designed application but . . . the instructions for installation by Blackberry are completely obtuse! They have no screenshots posted. You can't find it on the software section of their website. When you go to the URL you can't even find the link to download the ap! Terrible! Can't they learn something from Apple? For those of you with Blackberry and Facebook, highly recommended: LINK. Caveat is that you've got to be running Blackberry OS 4.2. You can check whether you are by looking under Settings/Options/About. If you're not, you've got to download it from the carrier specific part of the RIM site: LINK.
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