Sunday, October 28, 2007

AIM for Blackberry (finally)

Even though RIM launched last week a universal Facebook application for Blackberry (universal in this context meaning "any wireless carrier") they still have only a limited AOL Instant Messenger, available only on certain carriers. And of course, like with the Facebook ap, whoever is in charge of their website does their best to first make it almost impossible to find and then when you do, makes it difficult to figure out that it won't work with AT&T and certain other carriers.

There is a great GoogleTalk ap for Blackberry and an ap for Yahoo! IM too (I haven't tested that one). But no AIM that's universal. However, today I was happy to discover a $20 alternative, beejive. To my great surprise it seems to be fully functional, integrating not only AIM but GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber, Windows Live and Yahoo! It's a beautiful implementation with an Apple iChat look. (The screenshot posted here from their site doesn't do justice.) Amazing that RIM hasn't pushed this application as free and standard, because as evidenced by their Facebook ap they're trying to push their demographic down. You'd think they would have made sure they had an easy AIM ap. Download directly to your Blackberry (LINK) and you should be chatting away in no time.
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