Monday, October 29, 2007

2nd Element22 Salon November 6

Zero Energy House? Why Not House As An Energy Producer?

Bruce Coldham, founder and principal of Coldham & Hartman Architects, has been practicing environmentally responsive architecture for more than 30 years.

He contends that the concept of "Zero Energy" is a phrase that is used fast and loose these days. There is a lot of arm waving and wishful thinking.

What is a zero energy commitment, really, and who does it challenge? Why bother to decentralize power production at the level of the home rather than produce it at some central location?

And while we're challenging assumptions, is it possible to design and build a house that provides a net energy gain? Can a house be an energy producer? A community? A town?

Following the Element22 salon format, Bruce will share his experience and insight in a short presentation, which will be followed by a facilitated discussion and question and answer period.

Come early. Stay late.

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