Thursday, September 20, 2007

AT&T and RIM are in the dark ages!

AT&T and RIM (Research in Motion, maker of Blackberry) have some clueless marketing folks that ought to be shown the door immediately. They are in the dark ages!

Yesterday, September 19, press releases hit the geek "2muchtech" websites like GizModo, Engadget, Boy Genius. They said that finally the Blackberry 8820 was being released on September 20. This is a long awaited phone, the first Blackberry with WIFI. But BOTH the AT&T and Blackberry hyperlinks in the press release . . . WERE DEAD LINKS. They didn't even go to a page that said something like "being released tomorrow". I'm sure the logic was "well, since it's being released on the 20th, we won't make those Web pages live until the 20th". But the press release got onto the Web on the 19th! So effectively, both AT&T and RIM pissed off the early adopters, the folks who's love they need, and showed what complete marketing buffoons AT&T and RIM indeed are. Had someone at Apple done such a thing, the entire team would have been permanently exiled to Siberia!! AT&T and RIM deserve to have Apple eat not only their breakfast and their lunch but their dinner as well unless they clean up this sort of behavior.

(But I still want an 8820 instead of a iPhone . . . at least for now.)
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