Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Apple + Starbucks + Music

From MacWorld's Apple keynote notes (LINK):
Apple and Starbucks partnership

"There's even one more incredible part of this," said Jobs, who said that Apple has been working on this for two years. "I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me to announce we've got a great partnership with Starbucks today."

Jobs called Starbucks "an incredible phenomenon in our culture" and added that a lot of Apple employees are great customers. Apple wanted to combine iPods and their love of music with Starbucks' coffee and love of music.

"In the new iTunes Wi-Fi Store, when you get near a participating Starbucks, automatically a fifth button is going to pop up in the store with a Starbucks button," he said.

"You will know what songs they're playing in Starbucks, and you can buy it with one tap of your finger. And if you just missed it, you can look at the last 10 songs they've played. They're going to program some cool music for us in terms of their collections," Jobs said.

To me, it's a fascinating twinkle at the convergence of computing out in the world with real life going all around us. It's the first big implementation of location-aware consumer purchasing, a direct connection between hearing something in the real world (but it could in the future be seeing something) and having it delivered immediately to an electronic extension of yourself. It's intravenous consumerism. Certainly outside the US, the ability to use a mobile phone to purchase a Coke for example from a vending machine is years old now. But this is an opening of something new. Can you imagine, for example, going into your doctor's office and being able to seamlessly grab your medical history or your xray photo and take it away with you on your device? Being able to go to a concert and walk out with the music of that artist in your portable device? Being able to go to an art gallery and be able to transfer images of the art from that location into your iPod? Or more nefariously, have to fend off location specific, personally tailored come-ons as you walk down the street. A peek a hyperlocality? (LINK)

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