Thursday, August 02, 2007

new rev of Office for Mac postponed . . . again

Despite online products like Google's spreadsheet ap, Microsoft Excel still rules in my work world. In its current version it's a bulletproof application. And it only works on Windows. The Macintosh version is so old it's unusable in my opinion for anyone who's half a spreadsheet jock. Crashes all the time. So, you have to either use a Windows machine or run Windows on your Mac. For me, since I'm increasingly running my life on Google, switching to a Mac is less relevant. And without Excel on the Mac in any decent form, no reason for me to switch. And now that Microsoft will postpone the Office rev for the Mac until Q12008 (LINK), it will be a while before my Thinkpad is retired . . . unless Apple finally comes out with its rumored "Cell" application that's supposed to be part of iWork?

This does make me wonder about Microsoft and its business model. Where are the areas where it still holds sway? Certainly Office is a major money maker. I think it will be a really long time before online aps can stand up to Office Aps, particularly to Excel. Will iWork really ever make a dent in Office? I'm looking forward to seeing if I can make the transition and whether the "Cell" program is the tipping point.
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