Monday, January 01, 2007

Why is VW so crummy yet so beautiful?

Why is VW able to make such beautiful cars and such crummy cars at the same time? (Sorry TH/PB, your Tourag/Cayenne made by VW brought Porsche down--that's the assumed reason for Porsche's drop from #2 to #22 according to a JD Power dependability survey. VW is 32/37 on the same list.) I just saw a new Golf/Rabbit on the street, and while I've seen them before couldn't help but think what a nice piece it is. And the dash is so nice and so classic. But the thing's amazingly inefficient and likely to be a reliability nightmare. It's supposedly an economy car but with 22/30 mpg ratings, can't even best a 6 cylinder Honda. Still, look at these pictures. The dash on the new Civic (bottom) is just an awful jumble plus it has that new digital speedo, unfortunately to be the fate of the new Accord too. Yechh.
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