Thursday, December 21, 2006

JawBone is the best Bluetooth earpiece

I've used a few Bluetooth earpieces. Either they're too bulky, can't product enough sound volume, don't fit right or all three. But the just released and beautifully designed JawBone is IT.

JawBone used to make a wired earpiece that made use of their bone induction technology that senses the vibrations of your voice through your jaw and uses that to improve the noise canceling features of the microphone, all but eliminating background sounds. But it only worked with a limited number of phones, none of which I had or wanted. Now they've dropped that product and just a few days ago launched a Bluetooth earpiece making use of the same technology. It's right now sold exclusively through Cingular stores, but soon on the JawBone website as well. (Only a pewter color through Cingular. Soon a black one and the red one shown through their one site.)

This thing is the best. First, sound quality is great. Volume great. Very small and light. And, contrary to Walt Mossberg's mostly glowing review, it fits my ear like no other earpiece I've ever worn before. Should fit your ear too because it ships with two different sizes of ear clips (actually four of these in total because they're shaped differently depending upon what ear you use). And included are five different earbuds to fit the size and shape of your ear. This is a device that is intends to sit deep in the ear and hug the side of your face.

There are a few other earpieces that make use of bone induction, including the cool one pictured above, intended for SWAT teams. But they're much more expensive that this new JawBone. The JawBone is $120 at Cingular--not too much when you think of all the crummy earpieces you've had to trash because they haven't worked. And this one is the nicest looking of them all.

UPDATE: Go here for my latest links to JawBone2: LINK
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