Saturday, December 02, 2006

Starbucks and Home Depot Make a Village

This is probably where "Main Street" is headed.

The combi- nation of Home Depot/ Starbucks/ Main Street is a new addition to Park Royal, an upscale shopping mall at the entrance to West Vancouver, Canada. The small picture shows the "Village" in which this Home Depot and Starbucks are located, looking down Main Street into the mall. Note the faux lighthouse, done in what looks to me like a New England style . . . though this is on the other coast, 3,000 miles away, and though near the ocean, still at least several hundred meters away and blocked from the ocean by those trees you see in the background.

Prior to this "Main Street" being created, I don't think there was a street named such in this town. The real main street is Marine Drive which runs all along the coastal part of this Vancouver suburb. Marine Drive begins with Park Royal, which opened in 1950 as Canada's first covered mall. With this new "village" addition, it reverts to an outdoor concept, supposedly modeled on the Whistler ski resort shopping experience, according to the Wikipedia entry. The commercial section of Marine Drive beyond Park Royal, into the heart of wealthy West Vancouver, consists of small, independent shops plus the usual chain gas stations and banks.
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