Monday, November 27, 2006

Airborne and the scientist lobby

I flew JetBlue last night and was surprised by the prominence of quack medicine, in the form of Airborne, the best selling supposed cold remedy. See this wonderful post for more on this quackery. Not only were free samples being handed out but it was one of the more prominent ads being played on the TV sets that are on the backs of every JetBlue seat. An airplane is such a marvel of scientific ingenuity that i made me mildly nervous to see this boldly displayed hoax. And I wondered with a tinge of paranoia whether it was an indication of any other lapses in rigor by JetBlue. Or was it just cynical opportunism? Either way it made me, for one, feel a little negative about an airline with whom my experience so far has been entirely positive. Probably my reaction is so anomalous they could care less.
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