Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Americans Don't Do Green

Here's a long post by Joel Makeover about why Americans don't do green. It's a summary of a report presented by ecoAmerica which makes these points:
  • There is no common agreement on what environmental concern means or what to do about it.
  • Libertarian values are gaining over communal ones.
  • Environmental complexity is paralyzing.
  • Pocketbook environmentalism is powerful.
I knew some of this a decade ago when I helped with a venture called Ecotrek. We were selling outdoor products made from recycled polymers but knew that we couldn't sell them as "green" and that we had to meet or exceed the performance standards of conventional outdoor gear. And we did, with founder John Fabel getting a Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice award for his designs. Even among outdoor-oriented people who you think would buy green, we realized that while it may be part of building a brand, ultimately you can't compromise performance in a product.

(Thanks TNR)
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