Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Really Personal Computers

HP has a new ad campaign that Slate says is of the quality of an Apple ad. The campaign emphasizes the personal nature of computers, as objects which are an extension of ourselves. It's a powerful, appealing and subtle message. Computers, for at least some of us, are the most personal objects we own, well beyond our clothes, our cars, or any other objects because they really do contain large components of ourselves--our journals, our pitches, our photos, our intimacies.

But HP is still lost! They don't get that the fetishization of these commodities has to extend beyond the ad. You want to be able to get as close to touching and feeling these objects as possible. When you click beyond the ad, you're left with the same dull website, where the pictures of the objects of desire are minuscule and of poor quality. So in the end, you're unfulfilled. Still amazing to me that after all these years, Dell, HP etc. just don't get it. Haven't they ever looked at the Apple website where you can actually see the computers in all their full featured beauty? Completely amazing to me that these Dell, HP etc. people are living in the same universe.
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